How to buy crypto with CEX.io

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Already have an account with CEX.io or you already know how to buy crypto? Simply click on buy crypto to continue or follow the instructions below if you are new to the purchasing crypto process.

1. Create an account with CEX.io

To get started with CEX.IO, register for an account at the platform’s website here: www.cex.io . Consider using two-factor authentication with your account, which provides extra security.
After you’ve registered an account and confirmed your email, you can start your crypto transactions and will be able to add a payment source and deposit fiat currency to purchase your crypto.

2. Verify your Credit/Debit Card Information

In the top menu click on “Cards” to add your credit/debit card in your account. Fill in fields with card information and upload photos proving your ownership of the card. Please use clear and high quality photos to make the process faster.

3. Fund your account

When you are done with your credit/debit card verification, click on the green deposit button on the right to fund your account. You can choose to deposit via Payment Card, Bank Transfer and Other. Select one of these options and fill out the fields on your right.

4. Buy your preferred crypto

Once you are done funding your CEX account with currency (fiat). Click “Buy/Sell” on top of the menu. Select the crypto you want to buy and the currency (fiat) you want to pay with. When done, you can either purchase the crypto per block or per a specific amount. Then click buy to continue.

4. Generate a wallet address in your Volume Account

After you receive your crypto in your CEX account, go back to your Volume Client Area click on “Deposit”, select the “Trading Account” you want to fund then click the “Crypto Tab” to generate a wallet address to receive the purchased crypto. Please note if you buy Litecoin, you have to generate a Litecoin wallet address from your Volume account. When done, copy the address or scan the QR Code if you are using your mobile device.

5. Send the crypto to your Volume Trading Account

Finally, you copy the wallet address from your Volume account, go back to your CEX account to send the funds. Click on “Finance” in the top menu. Scroll down, choose the crypto you purchased and click “Withdrawal”.

From here you can paste the Volume wallet address in the address field, add the amount you want to send on the right then click “Withdraw”. Make sure you paste the right address – verify it multiple times so you don’t send it to the wrong place. After 4 to 6 confirmations your trading account will be credited and ready to trade!