Trading Session Quiz Part 2

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Do you know when or when not to trade?


Friday afternoon & weekends are the best times for trading Forex.

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False – activity usually slows down in the second half of Friday mainly because the big banks and hedge funds are closing their positions for the weekend.

Should you leave your trades open over the weekend?

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NO – The biggest risk of leaving positions open for the weekend is called “the weekend gap”. When bigger rate swings occur while the systems are not recording them, the stop-loss orders might not be executed correctly and can create problems.

You should avoid the Forex markets around bank holidays?

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True – Trading usually slows down during the major holidays.

You’re angry or frustrated, should you open up your terminal and trade?

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NO – Trading during elevated emotional states usually ends badly because it affects people’s mental sharpness. You must be calm and collected when trading.

Asian session brings the best opportunities

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B) FALSE – Traders, especially beginners, should be careful trading during the Asian session as their market activity is usually low relative to the major sessions. This results in higher spreads and smaller average gains.

When NOT to Trade – QUIZ
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